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 devote our energy to passionately advocating for students, especially those students most at-risk for dropping out of school. Empowering educators to become strong instructional leaders positively impacts student learning and leads to increased achievement. 

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Creating a more effective learning climate

Need ideas for your classroom or school? Check out the Effective K12 Schools blogs. Each blog tackles different areas of education that are useful for all educators. Our team members contribute their own expertise and experiences to the blog to help you develop an effective school.  


Effective K12 Schools provides opportunities to bring the knowledge of continuous school improvement to educators across the globe. We are not your typical professional development speakers. We are interactive and emphasize collaboration and discussion. Book a presenter today for your school or district. 

Our Effective K12 Schools mission is simple: to help students succeed. We serve as a voice for all students. We hope to arm all educators and parents with tools to help increase student achievement. Awareness of current research provides a springboard for instructional improvement. 

THe Effective K12 Schools MISSION IN ACTION

  • Decreasing the dropout rate
  • Increasing achievement for at-risk students
  • Constructing sound instructional strategies
  • Empowering educators to become instructional leaders
  • Establishing clear missions and goals
  • Creating awareness of the predictors of students who dropout
  • Producing educators with awareness of research-based strategies

  • Building positive home school relationships
  • Creating cultures of learning
  • Providing positive student feedback 
  • Developing high expectations for all students
  • Making connections with community resources
  • Understanding the impact of cultural awareness
Effective K12 Schools

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